District 211 Property Updates

Updated 2/22/19

The property has been owned by Township School District 211 for many years.  The property is  approximately 62 acres in size and commonly known as the "District 211" or "D211" property.  M/I Homes (https://www.mihomes.com/)  is under contract to purchase the property.  Village staff has had discussions with M/I Homes for construction of a residential development.

As the Village receives additional information on the development,  more details will follow. Please check this page for future updates.

Below is a map of the location being considered for development.


M/I Homes, the developer for the D211 property, has submitted revised plans.  These revised plans will now undergo another review by Village staff, at which time Staff will evaluate the extent to which M/I Homes has addressed prior Staff comments and any new information that has been provided by M/I Homes.

Due to the amount of public interest that has been expressed about this project, the village has made available online plans showing the roadway layout, location of lots and uses, building elevations, and floor plans. The posting of these documents is informational and should not, in any way, be considered an expression of support or endorsement for what is shown.

The summary below highlights some of the changes from the last submittal:

  • Path connections
    • Pipeline Trail – The multi-use path has been shifted towards the south end of the gas pipeline property (located north of the District 211 property).  This path is identified in the Village’s Comprehensive Plan, and the proposed path will be the first leg of the “Pipeline Trail”.  The path has been modified to continue access to Plum Grove Road.  Interior
    • Walking Path – A walking path has been proposed throughout the existing wetland area in the middle of the proposed development.  A second route to create a looped path has been added along the south end of the wetland.
  • The developer has slightly modified the layout of the duplex development.  21 buildings (42 units)are still shown; however, the configuration of the cul-de-sac and one of the buildings has shifted.  
  • Based on input from the community, the developer is now proposing a ranch model as part of the proposed options for single family homes.  The ranch model has a first floor master bedroom with an option for a second floor bonus/rec room.
  • The developer is evaluating the location of a potential park area on the property. 

Further information will be posted, as it becomes available. The plans on the website are preliminary and represent what M/I Homes has proposed to build. Various elements of the plan, including landscaping, engineering, traffic, utilities, stormwater management, and wetlands are being evaluated.  A formal approval process with ample opportunity for public comment will be undertaken in the near future.  An outline of the review process, which typically takes several months for a project of this size, is provided below. 

Approval Process

Below is a summary of the review process for this project.  The review is expected to take several months.  The exact timeframe will depend upon required revisions and turnaround time for the developer to resubmit revised plans. 

  • Review of Project by Village Staff
    The Village has professional staff with expertise in the fields of Engineering, Landscaping, Transportation, Building, Fire Safety, Health, and Planning.  Staff reviews the plans and provides advice and recommendations on technical matters, as well as evaluates conformity with adopted Village policies.  Review of the plans could take several weeks or months depending on the proposal and needed revisions.   As the developer continues to meet with Village staff, there will be revisions made to the plans, and M/I Homes will be required to resubmit revised plans.
  •  Zoning Board of Appeals Public Hearing
    After Village staff completes their review, the project will be scheduled for a public hearing before the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA).  The ZBA is an advisory committee appointed by the Village Board to review matters pertaining to zoning and development.  The public hearing is a forum for the public to make official comments regarding the proposal.  Property owners located within 150 feet of the property will receive a certified letter, return receipt requested, providing notice of the date, time and location of the meeting.   Signs providing the date, time and location of the meeting will also be placed along Summit Drive and Plum Grove Road. 
  •  Village Board Review
    After the ZBA public hearing, the project and recommendation from the ZBA will be forwarded to the Village Board for consideration. 
  •  Permits
    If the Village Board approves the project, the developer can then apply for building and land development permits to construct the development. 

Comprehensive Plan Designation

The Village’s Comprehensive Plan is used as the official policy guide for land use, development and community improvement in Schaumburg.  The Comprehensive Plan states that this property is best positioned for single family residential development.  The Comprehensive Plan also states that it is essential to provide options that support “aging in place”, which could include small-lot single family homes and multi-family housing.  During the development of the Comprehensive Plan, the village received public comments that seniors desired more housing options to age in place in the community.  Also included in the plan is construction of a cross-town trail located on the gas pipeline property that runs east-west through the community.  A portion of this trail would be located to the adjacent north of the subject property.


Please contact Marisa Krawiec, Community Planner, at mkrawiec@schaumburg.com or 847.923.3851.