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Cross Connection Surveys

The Village of Schaumburg is dedicated to delivering safe and clean drinking water to the community. An important part of this is ensuring the effective control of cross-connections. A cross-connection is a point where your water supply pipe comes into contact with a source that could contaminate the water. Lawn irrigation systems, fire sprinklers, hot tubs/spas and in ground pools are examples of potential cross-connections. If left unprotected, cross-connections may allow contaminants or pollutants to enter the water system through a backflow. Backflows occur when a drop in water pressure causes water to flow in the opposite direction, increasing the potential for contaminated water to flow back into the system.

To ensure the integrity of the water supply, the village has established a Cross-Connection Control program in compliance with Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) requirements. A component of this program is a biennial survey of village properties. Your participation in a voluntary survey of your property will help determine where cross-connections may exist.

Two surveys are available: residential and commercial. Kindly respond to the appropriate online survey by Sunday, June 23. Please contact the Engineering & Public Works Department at (847) 895-7100 with any questions.