Senior & Disabled Transportation

The Village of Schaumburg and other participating agencies have a variety of transportation services available for senior citizens.

RTA Discounts for Seniors and People with Disabilities--Registration Center
The RTA Pass Senior Ride Free Permit, the Senior Reduced Fare Permit, and the People with Disabilities Ride Free Pass are available for Metra, CTA, and fixed Pace routes. For more information on applying and obtaining a pass, click here: RTA Passes for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Senior and Disabled Taxi Program
The Village of Schaumburg offers discount coupons for taxi service to qualifying seniors (65 years of age or older) or disabled residents of Schaumburg who are enrolled in the Illinois Department of Aging - Benefit Access Program. For more information click here: Senior and Disabled Taxi Program.

Note: Most residents can sign up for the Illinois Department of Aging - Benefit Access Program by contacting their local Township.

Dial-A-Ride (DART) Door to Door Bus Service
The DART service is a door to door bus service with a discount for seniors that will take you anywhere within the Village of Schaumburg. For more information click here: Dial-A-Ride

RTA Mobility Management

The RTA's Mobility Management Program helps customers with disabilities and older adults access ADA-accessible transit in the RTA region. The Mobility Management Program has recently released a series of videos that provide travel tips for accessing Pace, CTA, and Metra. The videos are available in both English and Spanish.

The Topics Include:

  • Overview of Accessible Transit Options
  • How to Decide Which Transit Options are Right for You
  • How to Use Accessibility Features
  • Trip Planning on Metra, Pace, and CTA Fixed Route Transportation
  • What to Expect While Riding Buses & Trains
  • Community Safety & Problem Solving

Schaumburg Township Senior Services

For Schaumburg residents living south of Algonquin Road, east of Barrington Road, north of Devon Avenue, and east of IL-53 and can be reached at 847.884.0030.

The Township also administers the TRIP program, a Schaumburg Township state-funded pilot program which provides transportation across township lines for medical reasons for senior citizens and persons with disabilities. This inter-township transportation will cover much of Northwest Cook County. 

Hanover Township Senior Services

For Schaumburg residents living west of Barrington Road. They can be reached at 630.483.5600. 

Palatine Township Senior Services

For Schaumburg residents living north of Algonquin Road. They can be reached at 847.991.1184.