Capital Projects

Every year, the Village of Schaumburg establishes a five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). The plan prioritizes investments that will be made to roadways, water and sewer utilities, street lights, sidewalks, parking lots, traffic signals, and buildings. The five-year plan represents a significant undertaking and serves as a catalyst for maintaining a high quality of life, supporting the local economy and fostering economic growth. 

Overall Five-year Plan

The Schaumburg Village Board unanimously voted on January 9, 2018, to approve a $233 million multi-year Capital Improvement Plan. The 2018/19-2022/23 CIP establishes priorities and funding for the village’s improvement projects. Capital projects include repair and replacement of existing infrastructure, purchase of major equipment as well as new community improvements that are intended to enhance the village.

Of the total $233 million five-year plan, the village anticipates securing $62 million in grant funding, leaving the village to fund approximately $171 million. Broken down by project, the plan allocates 69% in funding to roadway improvements, 13% to water/sewer improvements and the remainder to make improvements to village buildings, bikeways, sidewalks, parking lots and other areas.

On the Horizon for Fiscal Year 2018/19

The first year of the CIP is incorporated into the annual budget and the remaining four years of the plan are used for planning purposes. Projects may change from year to year depending on needs and funding opportunities.  

In Fiscal Year 2018/19, which begins May 1, 2018, $8 million is allocated toward residential street repairs. The village will resurface and reconstruct 11.8 miles of residential streets across the village, and combined with additional methods of pavement preservation, the village will improve a total of 28.4 miles of roads in 2018. 

Additionally, the village has identified seven heavier traveled street segments that qualify for federal funding. The most significant of these projects will be reconstruction of Plum Grove Road from Wiley Road to Higgins Road which will begin in spring 2018.  Securing $8.2 million in federal funding for these roadways in Fiscal Year 2018/19 allows the village’s resources to be stretched even further.  

The village also will continue to invest in the North Schaumburg TIF District by constructing a new roadway on the former Motrola campus in coordination with intersection improvements on West Drive at Algonquin Road.  In addition, construction of the westbound on-ramp at I-90 and Roselle Road will continue as well as construction of a bike bridge and path along the west side of Roselle Road connecting to the Sunstar Property.

View the approved Capital Improvement Plan

Additional information on major projects can also be found on our construction page.