Fire Safety Tip (Weekly)

Medication Safety

Lock medications safely away from the reach of children.

Dryer Maintenance

Clean the lint trap of your clothes dryer after each load of laundry to remove lint build up.

Fire Extinguishers

Consider purchasing and learning how to operate a home fire extinguisher.

Electrical Safety

Check outlets in your home for overloaded sockets or damaged cords, and do not place cords under rugs or furniture.

Bath Water Temperature

Check your child's bath water temperature (using your wrist or elbow) to be sure it's not too hot.  Consider turning your hot water heater down to 120 degrees or lower to prevent burns.

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Have a carbon monoxide alarm for your home located outside sleeping areas and be sure to test it monthly.

  Cooking Safety

Never leave cooking food unattended and never cook while drowsy.

Matches Safety

Keep matches and lighters locked away from a child's reach, and teach children to tell an adult when they see matches or lighters.

 Hypothermia Symptoms

Know the warning signs of hypothermia: shivering, cold/pale skin, weakness/dizziness, tired/confused, slowed breathing/heart rate or difficulty walking.

Ice Safety

Thin twice before going out on ice. Ice thickness can be very inconsistent.  Error on the side of caution and stay off the ice!