Overhead Sewer Cost Share Program


The Village of Schaumburg has developed a cost share program for home owners of detached single-family residential structures to participate in the installation and/or retrofit of overhead sewers.

The program allows owners of single-family detached homes to be reimbursed for 50% of the installation of an overhead sewer, up to a maximum reimbursement of $5,000. Many older homes in the village have gravity sewer systems that can back up when the village's main line sewer surcharges.

Through this cost share program, the village will reimburse the homeowner 50% of the cost of converting a gravity sewer system to an overhead sewer system.

The village has invested millions of dollars to improve its sanitary sewer system, and continues an aggressive program to clean and inspect existing main line sewers so that capacities are not reduced by debris, tree roots, or infiltration of storm water. Studies have indicated that to achieve protection from sewer backups by merely increasing sewer sizes is not a cost effective method of preventing these backups. The goal of this program is to provide protection against the backup of sewage . This program can help increase property values and minimize home owner inconvenience.

While no sewer is immune to backup, the most reliable method for protecting private property from sewer backup is through the installation of overhead sewers. Modifications of the plumbing inside the home to an overhead system can dramatically reduce the possibility of the backup of sewage into the home or basement when the sewer system is overloaded. Installation of an ejector pit and pump(s) to lift the building sewage above the elevation of the sewer main in the street provides a means of positive protection. Installations of this type can vary depending on the necessary internal modifications required. This program provides for a one time 50% reimbursement not to exceed $5,000 by the village for the installation of overhead sewers.

The following list outlines the general steps for participation in the program:

  • Contact the Community Development Department about your interest in participating in the overhead sewer cost share program. An inspector will arrange for a meeting at the home to determine the feasibility of installing overhead sewers.
  • Obtain a minimum of three quotes from Illinois licensed plumbers to perform the work.
  • Submit a quote from an Illinois licensed plumber along with an existing vs. proposed sketch of the work, and the signed program application to the village for review and approval.
  • After the application materials are reviewed and approved by the village, a letter is sent to the property owner approving the application and outlining the details of the program.
  • The homeowner and/or contractor is still responsible for obtaining all necessary permits for the work.
  • After all work is completed, the homeowner can submit the reimbursement application to the village.
  • The village will review the reimbursement request, and verify that all work has been completed and inspected.
  • The village processes the reimbursement check for the work, up to a maximum of $5,000 per address.

For additional participation requirements and procedures, or for a program application, contact the Community Development Department at 847.923.4420.