SYO Chamber

SYO Chamber

Schaumburg Youth Chamber Music Program

SYO Chamber Ensemble


Chamber Music is the third part of the musical triangle that helps develop essential musical skills in the young musician. Students who are involved in chamber music experience the opportunity to play solos while taking on supportive roles as well. Students that participate in chamber music generally become more aware of the voices around them in an orchestral setting and take their large ensemble playing to a whole new level.  Students who invest in chamber music education become better soloists, because chamber music means one person on a part. The chamber soloist has no one to depend on, so all the musical components are the responsibility of the one student.

The primary goal of the chamber music student is to know their music as a soloist , but to perform it as a team.  Teamwork requires preparation, and interpersonal skills such as compromise, honesty, and a positive approach. These personal skills can be taken into the world and are applicable to many other aspects of their life.

Stephanie Preucil
Director, Schaumburg Youth Chamber  Music Program