Do-It-Yourself Dvorak

Do-It-Yourself Dvorak

Schaumburg Youth Symphony Orchestra
Joseph Malmquist, Director

Announcing the Orchestra for Do-It-Yourself Dvorák

Susan Carlson Instructor Violin 1
Evan Cui SYSO Member Violin 1
 Maika Edwards Selected Student Violin 1
 Lisa Gauslaw Guest Musicians Violin 1
Karen  Hallier Instructor Violin 1
Amy Hardison SYSO Member Violin 1
Mia Hardison SYSO Member Violin 1
Heather Hess SYSO Member Violin 1
Rustom Ichhaporia SYSO Member Violin 1
Andrea Jing SYSO Member Violin 1
Makiba Kurita SYSO Member Violin 1
 Matthew Nowlan Selected Student Violin 1
Yuma Okada SYSO Member Violin 1
Sydney Sadler SYSO Member Violin 1
Shvetali Thatte Selected Student Violin 1
Margie Vollkommer SYSO Member Violin 1
Justin Yung SYSO Member Violin 1
Elizabeth  Bernar Selected Student Violin 2
Chelsea  Edemni Selected Student Violin 2
 Sharon Garvey Cohen Guest Musician Violin 2
 Ahsley Hallier
Selected Student Violin 2
Daichi Kurita SYSO Member Violin 2
 Connor Lasalle Selected Student Violin 2
Kailene Liao SYSO Member Violin 2
Tyler Lieu SYSO Member Violin 2
Charles Lin SYSO Member Violin 2
Charlene Lu SYSO Member Violin 2
 Sierra Mathias Selected Student Violin 2
Maureen Penner SYSO Member Violin 2
Nur Sucu SYSO Member Violin 2
Kimmi Tochihara SYSO Member Violin 2
Henry Wang SYSO Member Violin 2
 Brandy Crawford Guest Musician Viola
Mahjabeen Karim Instructor Viola
Ainsley Kintz Selected Student Viola
 Sarah O'Connell SYSO Member Viola
James Preucil SYSO Member Viola
 Tomiko Sakurayama Selected Student Viola
Breanna Trejo Selected Student Viola
Srikar Venkatesan Selected Student Viola
Erin Baldwin SYSO Member Cello
Torian Fiedler SYSO Member Cello
Sabina Fijor SYSO Member Cello
Jennifer Gontarek Instructor Cello
Emily Kaspari SYSO Member Cello
Kris  Kusnierz Selected Student Cello
 Danny O'Connell SYSO Member Cello
 Dung Pham Teacher Cello
 Christine Ross Teacher Cello
Spencer Sadler SYSO Member Cello
Reese Bagshaw SYSO Member Bass
 Ian Fusick Selected Student Bass
Carson Jess SYSO Member Bass
Kyle Morrison SYSO Member Bass
Stephen  Reichelt  Instructor Bass
Logan Searle SYSO Member Bass
Claire Kim SYSO Member Flute
Alina Kwon SYSO Member Flute
Eileen Peng SYSO Member Flute
Adele Shirkey SYSO Member Flute
Hannah Drake Instructor Flute 1
Emma Rosenberg-Rappin Selected Student Flute 2
Bridget Maston SYSO Member Flute/Piccolo
 Naomi Matsunaga Teacher Oboe
Hannah Tomita SYSO Member Oboe
John Azpuru SYSO Member Clarinet
Annie Clement SYSO Member Clarinet
Nina Teves SYSO Member Clarinet
Duncan Harro SYSO Member Bassoon
Joann Hoo SYSO Member Bassoon
Monica Rogalski Selected Student Bassoon 2
Karina O'Byrne Instructor French Horn 1
Phoebe Domanus SYSO Member French Horn 2
Sydney Jackson SYSO Member French Horn 3
Nicole  Schyvinck Selected Student French Horn 3
Leah Bartgen Selected Student French Horn 4
Liam Weber SYSO Member French Horn 4
Jeff  DelaRosa Selected Student Trumpet
Alara Kayalik Selected Student Trumpet
Alec Loessy SYSO Member Trumpet
 Paul Semanic Instructor Trumpet
Mary Beth Stevens SYSO Member Trumpet
Matthew Ritterbusch SYSO Member Trombone 1
Ryan Tsau Selected Student Trombone 2
Katelin Cornet SYSO Member Bass Trombone
Daniel Oczko SYSO Member Tuba
Nathan Cornwell Instructor Percussion
John Emiliano SYSO Member Percussion
Andy Farnsworth SYSO Member Percussion



Rehearsal and performance of Dvorák's New World Symphony

Sunday, March 17, 2019
Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts

Open Rehearsal 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm 
Performance of New World Symphony at 8 pm

Attendance to view rehearsal and symphony free and open to the public.

For more information, contact Orchestra Manager Rob Pileckis at or call 847-923-3607.