DIY Overtures

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DIY Overtures

School and Private Music Teachers
Recommend Students and Sign Up to Participate!

Schaumburg Youth Symphony Orchestra, Joseph Malmquist, Director
Do-It-Yourself Overtures

A one-night open rehearsal and performance of
 Rossini’s William Tell Overture

and Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture


The SYSO hosts its 2nd annual open rehearsal for advanced orchestra students, school orchestra and band directors, and private instructors. Participating students will be selected by recommendation from school and private teachers (space is limited). 

The first half of the evening will be dedicated to a condensed rehearsal of the William Tell and 1812 Overtures  (links to downloadable parts will be made available in advance). 

The evening will conclude with a performance of both works.

Rehearsal observation is open to the public.
The performance (beginning at approximately 8:30 pm) is free and open to the public.

Now - January 20
Student Recommendations and Teacher Participant Sign-Up

Monday, January 27
Orchestra Roster Announced

Sunday, February 9
6:30 pm - 8:15 pm Rehearsal
8:30 pm Performance (free, open to the public)


Recommend a Student or Sign Up

to Participate (for teachers) 





 Download flier

School and private teachers are invited to recommend students to participate. 

Students will be recommended using the following criteria:
1) Likeliness to practice the overtures in advance
2) Anticipated level of preparedness to play both overtures at event
3) Anticipated performance level of overtures
4) Adaptability and responsiveness to rehearsal direction
5) Personal maturity

Although space is limited, instruments will be doubled to accommodate as many players as possible.

(Note: Schaumburg Youth Symphony Orchestra members will be participating and do not need a recommendation.)

The guidance and leadership of experienced musicians participating in DIY Overtures will help provide the foundation needed for a successful rehearsal/performance session.

School music teachers and private instructors are also invited to participate in DIY Overtures and can sign up online using the same recommendation form.

Deadline to submit is Monday, January 20.


Recommend a Student or Sign Up to Participate (for teachers) 

Are you a student hoping to participate? Contact your private instructor or school teacher for a recommendation!