About SYSS

About SYSS

Schaumburg Youth Sinfonia Strings
Tobin Langridge, Director
Mark Hamada, Interim Director

The SYSS is an advanced string orchestra, performing music literature from a wide variety of styles and composers. Qualifying students need to be comfortable playing in most key signatures, have a good understanding of rhythmic patterns, produce a quality tone with a developing vibrato, and be able to play musically and expressively. Violinists should be able to play comfortably in third position with an understanding of second, fourth, and fifth positions. Violists should be able to play in third position. Cellists must be able to play comfortably in first through fourth positions. Bassists should be able to play comfortably in first through third positions. Emphasis is placed on learning to play musically and expressively as an orchestra while advancing sightreading skills.
Rehearsals: Tuesdays, 5:30 - 6:45 pm
Concerts: Sunday, February 7, 3 pm; Sunday, May
9, 3 pm

-  Prepare a brief unaccompanied solo passage of your choice.

Scales. Violin, Viola, Cello will be asked to play two of the following two octave major scales: C, G, D, A, F
B-flat Basses play two octave G and F major (one octave C, D, A, B-flat).

- Sightreading. Download here and play excerpts for your instrument.

Sinfonia Srings: $350
Tuition includes a $25 family contribution to the Prairie Center Arts Foundation. 
Families with more than one child enrolled in the program receive a $25 discount for each additional child after one child is paid in full.

All SYO members participate in their school orchestra or band programs where available.