Chicago Shaniacs, he's back.

Years before the term "Cutie-Pie Millennial" became a thought bubble above many a star-struck fan at the mention of his name, Shane Madej cut his teeth (professionally, and, in some cryptic ways, personally) in Schaumburg, IL, Money Magazine's 9th Best City to Live In. (Coincidence? We think not.)

After an all-too-brief stint working as Video Producer for the Al Larson Prairie Center for the Arts in Schaumburg, Shane loaded up his things and moved to Beverly (or not too far from there in Los Angeles) to start a new career creating video content for ginormous media enterprise BuzzFeed.

Today Shane is one of BuzzFeed's most beloved video personalities, whose "BuzzFeed Unsolved," hosted with Ryan Bergara (AQ* to be determined), has tallied up over 200 million online views. And if you think we're kidding when we tout his AQ (clocking in 34.7), just check out any of the 13 YouTube "Shane Madej Being Cute" videos.

All the same, this meteoric rise to success has yet to spoil Schaumburg's own Shane Madej (and we'll prove it when he returns our calls).

The town continues to embrace him, and it won't be long before signs around Schaumburg start boasting brushes with the young sensation. We can see it now: SHANDE MADEJ ATE HERE at Mugs Pizza and Ribs; SHANE MADEJ SMOKED HERE at Inferno Hookah Lounge; SHANE MADEJ STILL HAS A DVD CHECKED OUT FROM 2004 AND WE'RE PRETTY SURE BY NOW THAT HE'S NOT RETURNING IT at the Schaumburg Library; SHANE MADEJ SLEPT HERE at his mom and dad's house....

...and soon SHANE MADEJ MADE AN AUDIENCE SWOON at the 13th annual Screen Test Student Fest.

Shane will cohost the Screen Test's International High School Festival  with plucky-but-insufferably-self-absorbed Prairie Center staffer Rob Pileckis.

If this isn't enough to draw you in, consider the amazing films to be shown at the fest -- it's a jury-compiled program of some of the best short movies made by high school students from throughout the U.S. and abroad (OK, Canada). Check it out, and we'll see you there.


Screen Test Student Fest
International High School Festival

Saturday, April 13
6:30 Dessert Reception, 7:30 pm Screenings, about 8 pm Shane


*Adorableness Quotient, measured in Gatens, after plucky, adorable Stranger Things star Gaten Matarazzo