Screen Test Jr.

Screen Test Jr.

Screen Test Jr.

For Students in Grades 3-8
Saturday, April 22 -- 11 am 
10 am Doughnut and Bagel Reception


The Dragon Forest
Animation, 9 min. 
Written and Directed by: Richard Bjurström 
Solna, Sweden


The fox, the elk and the dragon live peacefully in their forest. One day a challenger comes to disturb the peace.


Lilly and the Baby
Animation, 6 min. 31 sec.
Written and Directed by The Bum Family
Maezy, Medina and Zaiyah Dennie, and Berlin, Ocean and Sol Demuth
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Lilly, a 10-foot tall orange monster, babysits a human baby. The mom leaves a long list of what not to do. What could go wrong?



The Lone Wolf
Animation, 3 min.
Written and Directed by: Ava Phillips
Austin, TX


A young pup seeks love in a cold place.

  Road to the NBA
Non-fiction,  5 min. 53 sec.
Directed by: Izzy Watts
Maricopa, AZ

A look at a young hopeful who has set a high bar for himself in the sport of basketball.

Try Your Best
Music Video, 4 min. 50 sec.
Written and Directed by: The Fugleflick Filmmakers.

Anne Lagowski, Bridger Altschuler, Eli Merz, Filip Sowa,  Gabi Picicco,  Grant Sluder, Keith Ekl, Lucy Neumann,  Madeline Painter, Mia Spotak, Olivia Quinn, Travis Stembel

Advised by Tricia Fuglestad
Arlington Heights, IL


The Dryden Fifth Grade Fugleflick Filmmakers present an original song to inspire everyone to shift their thinking from can't to can.


All filmmakers will attend to represent their films, either in person or via live internet video call. 

To be awarded:
Best in Show - $100


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A young pup seeks love in a cold place.