Regulations for the location, size, placement, and certain features of signs in the District were established to maintain the integrity and enhance the historical character of the area. The regulations are intended to encourage compatibility between the signs and the architecture of the District and promote the preservation of the area.


Signs in the OSC are regulated on the following factors:

  • type of activity displayed on the sign
  • sign type (wall, ground, hanging, etc and permanent versus temporary)
  • sign size
  • sign height
  • sign location (ground mounted or building mounted)
  • number of items of information on the sign
  • lettering size and style on the sign
  • sign color and materials of the sign
  • sign illumination

Specific sign requirements are listed in the OSC Sign Section (Chapter 155) of the Village Sign Ordinance and in the OSC Design Manual. 

Sign Review

Permanent signs in the OSC require staff review, review by the Olde Schaumburg Centre Commission (OSCC) or OSC Sign Subcommittee, and approval by the Village Board.  An application for sign review in the OSC District should be filed with the community development department and include the following information:

  • 15 copies of a sign drawing indicating the type of sign, number of items of information, lettering style, Pantone color code for each color proposed, size, sign materials, and type of illumination
  • If located in a multi-tenant building or a shopping center, one copy of a letter from the owner indicating approval of the design as submitted
  • Any additional information as required by the community development department

Once a sign has been approved by the village board, the sign permit will be processed through the Community Development Department.

Temporary signs in the OSC still must follow criteria within the Sign Ordinance and be approved by staff, but do not require review by the OSCC. 

For further information, please contact the Community Development Department at 847.923.4430.