Utility Company Permits

The Village of Schaumburg requires all work, completed in a public right-of-way and within the village boundary, by various utility companies to be reviewed and a permit issued.  When completing the design plans, the designer can refer to the Village’s ROW Ordinance  for further detail on the placement of the proposed utility improvements.

The Village also requires all utility companies with infrastructure located within the village boundary to complete an annual registration.  This registration information is kept on file for village staff to be able to contact the utility company with any issues that may arise during the year.  A yearly reminder is sent to any registered utility companies and the annual registration can be found in the link below.

Annual Registration

Permit Application Procedure

When completing and submitting a permit for review, the procedure below shall be followed:

1.  Complete the Necessary Permits

  • Permit Application (required for all permit applications)
  • Tree Trimming (supplemental permit required when trimming trees)
  • Small Cell (supplemental permit required when requesting the installation of small cell equipment)

2. Submit a Cover Letter

3. Attach Design Plans (11x17 paper size recommended)

4. Include any Other Back Up Paperwork (other agency permits, plats, easements, etc.)

If new company installation of backbone/loop or upgrade is of major proportions, submittal of As-Builts (drawings or digital files) are required.

When the application has been completed, one hard copy must be submitted to the following address:

Director of Engineering and Public Works

714 South Plum Grove Road

Schaumburg, IL 60193

Permit Fees

Any utility company that is not covered by a Franchise Agreement with the Village of Schaumburg will be subject to permit fees based on the following fee schedule for construction improvements.


Right-of-Way Permit Fee:  
Utility work less than 500 feet in total length $300
Utility work 500 feet or more in total length



$300 plus $0.10 per foot of total length of proposed work in excess of 500 feet

Permits not secured prior to work beginning shall double per fees listed above, unless work is an emergency  
Emergency right-of-way permits shall be secured within 30 days of work beginning or shall double per fees listed above  
Initial application fee  $220.00
Annual fee  $108.00


Small Cell Permit Fee:  

Collocation with installation

of new utility pole


Collocate on an existing utility

pole or wireless support structure


Collocation of multiple small wireless facilities

on existing utility poles or wireless

support structures addressed in a single application

$350.00 per small wireless facility 



The following are common details that should be followed during the construction improvements.

Construction Concerns

Notifying Residents/Commercial Property Owners Along the Construction Route

  • Warning Letters
  • Door tags
  • Personal Contact
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Close Gates Upon Entering/Exiting

Hand-Holes Not to be Located in Sidewalks, Bike Paths, Driveways or Streets

Sensitivity to Newly Improved Roadways and R.O.W.'s

  • Decorative Brick Pavers
  • Decorative Lighting & Structures
  • No Open Cutting (except J.U.L.I.E. conflicts)
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Invisible Fencing (dogs and other pets)
  • Mature Trees & Landscaping (avoid tap root when boring)

No Parking Equipment on Street Overnight

No Staging on Sidewalks or Bike Paths

Traffic Control and Lane Closure

  • Follow IDOT Specifications
  • No Lane Closures Before 9 AM or After 3 PM

Restoration to Follow Construction Immediately

  • No Open Holes After Leaving the Job Site
  • Secure the Area with Plywood Cover/Barricades/Staking and Construction Tape/Warning Signage Where Applicable

Contractors Must Be Licensed

All contractors or subcontractors that are performing work for the utility companies within the corporate limits of the Village of Schaumburg must be licensed by the village on an annual basis. This can be completed and paid for at the Village Hall or online using the WebPay system.

Contractors Business License Application

A $118.00 fee must accompany the completed Contractors Business License Application ($64.00 fee if paid after June 30th). No bond or insurance is required. 


Current Village Capital Improvements

To help with the coordination of improvements, the utility company can view an interactive CIP map of the village’s planned capital improvements.