Standard Engineering Notes

1. The Community Development Department must be notified one business day prior to each inspection at 847.923.4420. A minimum notice of three business days is required by the Engineering and Public Works Department, 847.895.7100, for a water main shut down in a commercial area.

2. Tree protection fencing must be installed, inspected, and approved by the village prior to the issuance of a Land Development Permit. The fencing must be maintained for the duration of the site work.

3. A separate Electrical Permit must be obtained from the Community Development Department prior to installing any site lighting. The electrical system must be approved as part of the Electrical Permit for the site lighting. The detailed photometrics and exterior light pole locations must be approved as part of the Land Development Permit.

4. The Contractor shall indemnify the village, and their agents, etc. from all liability involved with the construction, installation, testing, and operation of all work associated with this project.

5. The Contractor is responsible for having a set of the "Approved" Land Development Permit Plans on the job site during construction. The Contractor is also responsible for making any necessary copies of the “Approved” Plans for all subcontractors performing site work.

6. The Contractor is to verify the location, depth, and invert of all existing utilities and facilities prior to the start of construction. The contractor will be responsible for any damage to existing public or private utilities, or the relocation of any existing utilities to facilitate the installation of the new site work. The contractor must notify the Design Engineer immediately of any discrepancies with the plans and any existing utilities. No work is to be done until the discrepancy is resolved.

7. Access to the site, and to within 100 feet of any building, shall be provided for emergency vehicles at all times via a 20 foot wide approved all-weather road. An approved water supply shall be available within 100 feet of any building prior to delivery of any combustible materials to the site.

8. No holes are to be left open in the pavement or parkway over any holiday, weekend, or after 3 PM on the day preceding any holiday or any weekend.

9. All existing pavement or concrete to be removed shall be sawcut full-depth along the limits of proposed removal before commencement of the pavement removal.

10. All public right‑of‑way areas that are disturbed during construction shall be restored with 4" of topsoil and sod. Seeding will not be permitted in these areas.

11. All paving, subgrade preparation, curbing, and sidewalk construction shall conform to the Illinois Department of Transportation "Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction" and the “Supplemental Specifications and Recurring Special Provisions”, latest editions.

12. No asphalt work is allowed between November 1st and April 1st without the written permission from the Village Engineer.

13. Any temporary or permanent exterior site fencing, including fencing for dumpster enclosures, requires a separate permit from the Community Development Department. Demolition of existing buildings also requires a separate permit from the Community Development Department.

14. All bituminous concrete used for surface, binder and base courses is to have a Marshall Stability of 1700. All portland cement concrete shall have a minimum compressive strength of 3500 psi at 14 days.

15. Prior to placing any pavement material, the Contractor is responsible for properly preparing and compacting the subgrade. The required proof‑roll must be witnessed by the village. No pavement material is to be placed on a wet or soft subgrade. If this condition exists, the Contractor is to stop work and immediately notify the village. No additional pavement work shall be done until the problem is corrected.

16. All curbs constructed over a utility trench shall be reinforced with two #5 rebars for a length of 20 feet centered over the trench. Sidewalks shall be treated in the same manner using three #5 rebars.

17. All sewer and water main construction shall be in conformance with the "Standard Specifications for Water and Sewer Main Construction in Illinois" latest edition.

18. The contractor shall not install any sanitary sewer pipe or structures until he has a copy of the permit and permit drawings issued by the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago (MWRD) on the job site. This may also apply to storm sewer and/or detention facilities if included in the MWRD permit.

19. All manholes and valve vaults shall have the “Village of Schaumburg” and “Water,” “Storm Sewer,” or “Sanitary Sewer” cast into the lid. All open lids or grates shall have the words “Drains to River, Dump no Waste” permanently inscribed.

20. Band-seal connectors shall be used to join pipes of different materials.

21. Use CA-6 trench backfill, compacted to 95% of Modified Proctor, under and within a 1:1 slope from the bottom of all pavement, curbs and sidewalk.

22. A water quality device, Stormceptor, CDS, or equivalent, shall be installed as required by the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance and as shown on the approved plans.

23. All water main pipe 4” and larger shall be ductile iron pipe Class 52 conforming to ANSI A21.51 with cement lining unless otherwise approved by the Village Engineer. All water service lines 3” and smaller shall be Type K copper, unless otherwise noted.

24. All water lines are to be pressure tested and chlorinated per the requirements of the Village of Schaumburg. Also, the minimum cover for all water mains and service lines is 5.5 feet.

25. Fire service mains and lead in connections to system risers are required to be completely flushed before making the connection to the sprinkler piping. (NFPA 13, 1999 ED, 10-2.1.) The Fire Prevention Bureau shall be notified 24 hours in advance to witness the flush at 847.985.4452. A separate inspection fee is also required at the time the Land Development Permit is issued.

26. Upon completion of the project, the developer shall provide final "Record Drawings" (1 Mylar sepia reproducible, signed and sealed by the engineer) of all utilities which include the locations and elevations of all mains, service lines, structures, paved areas, site grading, street lights and cables, and curbs. Monuments, as specified in Item #27, shall also be shown. Final record drawings must also include a State Plane coordinate system tie‑in. In addition to the drawings, an electronic file (in DWG or DGN format) of the record drawings must be submitted on CD-ROM.

27. All plats three acres or larger require concrete monuments complete with the Village of Schaumburg cap and shall be placed at locations to be determined by the Village Engineer. Monuments shall be in accordance with the Subdivision and Land Development Ordinance and shall be shown on the record drawings.