Dial 311

Dialing 311 is the quick and easy option to reach the village Customer Service Center for non-emergency requests. Customer Service Representatives are available 24/7 including holidays to provide information on village programs and events and to enter service requests for a variety of issues.

While all of the village’s existing in-bound telephone numbers will still work, dialing 311 from any phone, whether mobile or land line, while in Schaumburg will connect you with one of the friendly Customer Service Representatives. Once in touch with a Customer Service Representative, your question will be answered or you will be quickly connected with the person, department, or service of your choice. Keep in mind that the 311 number does not replace 911 for emergency calls.

If a police officer, firefighter, or paramedic is needed, dial 911.

How does 311 work? When you dial 311, a Customer Service Representative will answer your call. You will be asked for detailed information regarding your request. This information is immediately sent to the appropriate village department for action. 311 Customer Service Representatives understand the importance of providing quality customer service the first time you call.

If you have any questions, contact Tom Lake, Customer Service Center Supervisor, at 847.348.7002..