Footing Drain Disconnection Cost Share Program 

 The Village of Schaumburg has developed a cost share program for home owners of detached single-family residential structures to participate in the disconnection of footing drains from the sanitary service line.  The program allows owners of single-family detached homes to be reimbursed for 50% of the disconnection of a footing drain, up to a maximum reimbursement of $5,000. 

Who does this effect?
Many older homes in the village have footing drains that are directly connected to the sanitary service line.  These footing drains are adding storm water flow to the sanitary sewer system that was never designed or constructed to handle these additional flows, which in turn creates problems for other homeowners with sewer backups, or additional problems with the sewer mains surcharging or overflows that occur at the wastewater treatment plant.  
What will the village cover? 
Through this cost share program, the village will reimburse the homeowner 50% of the cost of disconnecting a footing drain from the sanitary service line, and installing a sump pump with a connection to the footing drain. 

What are the village’s responsibilities? 

The village has invested millions of dollars to improve its sanitary sewer system, and continues an aggressive program to clean and inspect existing main line sewers so that capacities are not reduced by debris, tree roots, or infiltration of storm water.  The goal of this program is to reduce the amount of storm water infiltration that is occurring within the sanitary sewer system in the village.  This program can help increase property values and minimize homeowner inconvenience. Disconnection of footing drains from the sanitary sewer system will greatly improve the system's capacity and effectiveness, especially during heavier rainfall events. 

What type of work should I expect to be completed?

The work may include:
      • The disconnection of the footing drain at the service line.
      • The installation of a new sump pit in the lower level of the home.
      • The connection of the footing drain to the sump pit. 
      • The sump pump discharge hose will have to be located so as not to create a new drainage problem in the yard of the home.  Sump pump discharge hoses cannot be located more than 10' from the structure, per village code. 
      • If a storm sewer is located near the home, the sump pump discharge line will have to be connected to the storm sewer.
General steps for participation in the program: 
      • Contact the Community Development Department about your interest in participating in the footing drain disconnection cost share program.  An inspector will arrange for a meeting at the home to attempt to determine if the footing drain is connected to the sanitary service line.  In some cases, the only way to accurately determine if the footing drain is connected to the sanitary service line is to excavate the area of the sanitary service line.
      • Obtain a minimum of three quotes from Illinois licensed plumbers to perform the work. 
      • Submit a quote from an Illinois licensed plumber along with an existing vs. proposed sketch of the work, and the signed program application to the village for review and approval. 
        After the application materials are reviewed and approved by the village, a letter is sent to the home owner approving the application and outlining the details of the program. 
        The homeowner and/or contractor is still responsible for obtaining all necessary permits for the work. 
        After all work is completed, the homeowner can submit the reimbursement application to the village. 
        The village will review the reimbursement request, and verify that all work has been completed and inspected.
        The village will process the reimbursement check for the work, up to a maximum of $5,000 per address. 

For additional participation requirements and procedures, or for a program application, contact the Community Development Department at 847.923.4420.

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