Special Event 


The village recognizes that businesses and organizations host events that are different from daily business activities. To ensure they are compatible with the surrounding public, the village regulates these events as found in Chapter 109 of the Village Code.  Events that may have at least one of the following characteristics must apply for a Special Event Permit:

  • May attract a large crowd that is significantly larger than what is expected during a typical day of business
  • Includes a popular celebrity personality
  • Use of an outdoor parking lot for any part of the event other than for parking
  • Use of structures such as a tent or stage
  • Use of off-site parking
  • Use of the public right-of-way
  • Use of village services such as a police detail for traffic count or security
  • Entertainment that is not a part of the annual Entertainment License 

Any event in the Village of Schaumburg required to have a Special Event permit shall comply with the Illinois Concealed Carry Law. The event organizer is responsible for posting signs that prohibit the carrying of firearms. The signs shall be clearly and conspicuously posted at each entrance of the event. 430 ILCS 66/65  -  Click here for link to Concealed Carry Law.

  Examples of Special Events:  

  • Block parties/street dances
  • Car washes
  • Carnivals, zoos, animal exhibits (except charitable pet adoptions), petting zoos, animal rides
  • Christmas tree sales
  • Circuses
  • Concerts
  • Disc jockey (DJ), bands
  • Film production
  • Processions, marathons and public meetings
  • Public events with food consumption
  • Temporary outdoor sales
  • Vehicle exhibit or demonstrations held outdoors

    Current Fee:

    There is no fee for a special event permit. Permit fees apply to signs, electric use, tents, stage and other structures. Licensing fees apply to one day liquor or one day entertainment licenses. Fees also apply to use of village services such as but not limited to police, fire or other village employee assistance or health inspections if you are serving food.

    Submittal Requirements:

    Events requiring the use of the public right-of-way need to be submitted at least 45 days in advance because they need standing committee and Village Board approval. Those events requiring only administrative review should be submitted at least 21 days in advance.

  • Special Event application
  • Municipal Property/ROW Use application
  • Description letter explaining all details relating to the event
  • Property owner letter authorizing use of the property
  • Site plan to show location of the event including any parking, tents, structures, etc.
  • Parking permission letter if event needs additional parking
  • Required permits for electrical and signs if necessary 

    If you have any questions regarding the special event process or application, please contact the Permitting Division of the Community Development Department at 847.923.4420.

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