Olde Schaumburg Centre (OSC) Historic District

Schaumburg’s OSC Historic District is the area generally surrounding the intersection of Schaumburg and Roselle Roads. The village seeks to strengthen the aesthetics and economics of the district by enabling the development and/or redevelopment of quality retail, commercial, office and residential uses in a village centre setting. The district allows for contemporary land uses while emphasizing pedestrian orientation within an intimate streetscape design. The OSC District is also located within a tax increment financing (TIF) district.

The OSC was originally developed in the 1840's as a small farming community known as "Sarah's Grove." This farm settlement represented the first concentration of development in the area. In 1850, the area's name was changed to Schaumburg Township, reflective of the Schaumburg area of Germany from where many of the settlers had immigrated. With the name change, the concentration of homes and businesses at the crossroads became known as "Schaumburg Centre." During years of rapid growth and change in the village, many of the centre's original structures were altered significantly or destroyed. However, enough of the original buildings remain to give the district a unique character that sets it apart from the more modern developments found in other areas of the village. Additional information can be found on the Schaumburg History section of the website.
 OSC Design Manual (adopted 2005)
The intent and purpose of the OSC Design Manual is to provide guidelines with which to evaluate design within the OSC District and the various landmark buildings outside the OSC.
Historic Landmark Buildings in the OSC
There are several buildings designated in the OSC as local landmark structures which exemplify the architectural character of the district.   

Fenz House

12 E. Schaumburg Road 

Panzer House and Barn 

133 E. Schaumburg Road 

Turret House 

17 E. Schaumburg Road 

Lengl House 

13 E. Quindel Avenue 

The Buttery 

105 S. Roselle Road 

Atcher-Groen House 

593 Groen Court 

Kern-Schmitt Mansion 

300 Lexington Court 

Schweikher House & Studio  

645 S. Meacham Road

Jennings House, Barn & Caretaker's House 

221 & 217 Civic Drive 

Schaumburg Athletic Association

1307 Sharon Lane 

St. Peter Lutheran Church Complex 

218, 220, 222, 236 & 302 E. Schaumburg Road and cemetery

Contributing Buildings in the OSC 
There are several buildings within the OSC which exhibit unique characteristics and add a contextual component to the District, but may no longer be as historically or architecturally significant due to additions or alterations.
Lou Malnati's  1 S. Roselle Road 
Easy Street Pub  17 S. Roselle Road 
Hartmann House & Barn  32 E. Schaumburg Road 
Homestead House  105 E. Schaumburg Road 
Office Building  11 E. Schaumburg Road 
Three Folk Victorians  34, 106 & 110 S. Lengl Drive 
Historic Buildings Restoration Grant Program (HBRGP)
The HBRGP is a grant program that provides financial assistance to property owners for exterior restoration work on landmark properties and contributing structures located within the OSC Tax Increment Financing (TIF) district.  For more information, please view the HBRGP Resource Guide.
Architectural Approvals in the OSC District
A variety of architectural styles exist in the district. Many of the structures within the OSC were built in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s and are typical of the Midwestern commercial and residential architecture of this time period. New construction projects, redevelopment projects, building additions, landmark designations and building demolitions should abide by architectural guidelines listed in the OSC Design Manual. For more information, please view the OSC Architectural Resource Guide.
Signs in the OSC District
Specific regulations were established to regulate the location, size, placement and certain features of signs in the OSC District for the purpose of maintaining the integrity and enhancing the historical character of the area. The regulations are intended to encourage compatibility between the signs and the architecture of the district and promote the preservation of the area. For more information, please view the OSC Sign Resource Guide.


Historic Preservation and Architectural Web Links

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For more information regarding the OSC District, contact the Community Development Department at 847.923.4430.

Schaumburg Township Historical Society

The mission of the Schaumburg Township Historical Society is to learn about the past and promote interest in the history of Schaumburg Township, its residents, and local customs, and to preserve the knowledge, information and materials for the use and benefit of future generations. For more information, please visit the Schaumburg Township Historical Society website.


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