Yard Waste Disposal 

Residents are encouraged to use the yard waste disposal program provided through Republic Services. Yard waste is collected from the first full week in April to the second week in December only. A special two-week collection period for Christmas trees and greenery will be the first two full weeks in January.

Republic Services will accept
Smaller brush and yard waste can be placed into biodegradable yard waste paper bags not to exceed 30 gallons in capacity or 50 pounds in weight.

  1. Larger brush piles must be bundled using garden string or twine. The bundle size is restricted to 4’ in length, 2’ diameter, and no heavier than 50 pounds. Branches cannot exceed 3” in diameter.

  2. Branches or stumps larger than 3” in diameter cannot be placed in the landscape waste bags; they must be handled with regular refuse. Weight is limited to a maximum of 50 pounds. Excessive amounts will incur a charge or require an alternative disposal method. If a special pick-up is required or for more information, call Republic Services (847.981.0091) for more information.
Other resources
Private tree removal services can provide onsite tree trimming, brush removal, and brush chipping. Chips can be used as mulch or hauled away. Please consider these options for larger jobs. Check the Yellow Pages for landscape maintenance services near you.

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