Environmental Committee 

The Committee makes recommendations to the Village Board on matters pertaining to the environmental and ecological welfare of the residents of Schaumburg and collects and distributes educational information relative to the environment through local media, schools and public events.  The Committee sponsors several environmental events such as an annual Earth Day celebration and other programs that encourage the public to develop environmentally sustainable measures.

The Environmental Committee serves as an advisory committee to the Health and Human Services Committee of the Village Board.


Tip of the Month

Don a hat, scarf and coat for your home!
Winter is coming!  Button up your home with some of these winterizing solutions. As the seasons change and your family migrates indoors for the winter, a lot of energy can be wasted to keep your home comfortable. Between 40 and 70% of all home energy is wasted. Consider implementing some of these energy-saving measures.
  • Cover your air conditioner and/or remove your window unit. If you cannot remove your window AC cover it both inside and out.
  • Caulk spaces and gaps around windows and pipes and wires entering your home.
  • Perform regular maintenance on your forced air furnace. Make sure to clean or change the furnace filter.
  • Install reflective window film. Place these thin, plastic sheets directly on the inside of window panes and glass doors.

 Read more tips about winterizing your home.

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