Taxes and Fees 


The village collects and administers a variety of locally imposed taxes to fund services provided. The village collects a tax on amusements, automobile leasing, prepared food and beverages, real estate transfers and telecommunications. The village also collects a 1 percent home rule sales tax on the purchase of general merchandise, excluding groceries and licensed vehicles. The home rule sales tax is collected by the Illinois Department of Revenue and remitted to the village.

Rates for taxes paid to the Village are as follows:

  • Amusement Tax - 5 percent of amount collected
  • Food and Beverage Tax - 2 percent of taxable sales
  • Hotel and Motel Tax - 8 percent of gross receipts
  • Auto Lease Tax - $1 per leased vehicle
  • Real Estate Transfer Tax - $1 per thousand
  • Sales Tax - see sales tax tab for further detail
  • Property Tax - .618 percent of Property Equalized Assessed Valuation  


The village also requires the payment of fees associated with certain services provided by the village or licenses and permits. These fees can be found in the village fee schedule.  It is also part of the Village Code which is available online as well.

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