Capital Projects 

Roads, bridges, sidewalks, curbs, water main, sewers, parkway trees, street lighting and village grounds are some examples of the wide variety of infrastructure village departments are responsible for maintaining.  Each year village staff works with the Village Board to prioritize projects and plan their implementation based on available and anticipated funding.

The result of this planning is collated in a Five Year Capital Project Plan. The plan consists of one year of budgeted projects and four years of planned projects. Each year the plan is revised based on changes in economic and infrastructure conditions and one year is added. Only the first year of the plan is actually bid for construction. The remaining five years are for planning purposes.

To manage this process the village has a Capital Improvement Plan committee made up of representatives from involved departments. Each month this committee reports the status of the projects in the construction or budgeted phase of the plan.  Additional information on major projects can also be found on our construction page.

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