Local Wildlife Removal Agencies 


Below is a list of just a few of the local wildlife removal agencies. There are several other listings in the yellow pages under "animal removal".  

Wildlife Agencies:

All Wildlife Animal Eviction: 847.882.2523
Northwest Suburban Animal Control: 847.934.1900
Animal Trackers Wildlife Co.: 847.884.1057 (24 hr.)
Critter Detectives: 630.916.7678 or 888.271.8837
Animal Control Specialists: 847.487.7200
AMPEST: 847.702.PEST(7378)
Aumillers Inc. 630.302.3025 (24 hr.)
Cathy Blecker-Spring Valley: (w) 847.985.2100 (raptors/birds of prey)
Flint Creek Wildlife Rehab: 847.842.8000 (Birds of Prey/Orphaned Wildlife)

Animal Impoundment Agencies/Kennels:

Golf Rose Animal Hospital: 847.885.3344
Golf Rose Animal Hospital: (24 hrs.) 847.885.3344
Golf Rose Kennel: 847.885.2122
Almost Home Foundation: 630.582.3738
Buddy Foundation: 847.813.7206
Kay’s Animal Shelter: 847.259.2907
Chicagoland Dog Rescue: 847.259.6458
101 Schaumburg Court, Schaumburg, IL 60193-1899
P: 847.895.4500

Dial 311 for non-emergency requests