Static Control Bark Collar Loan Program 

Animal Control - Dog Photo 

In 2006, the Village of Schaumburg began a static control collar loan program. Through the program, the village has four static control collars that were donated to the village that can be temporarily loaned to Schaumburg residents. 

Residents interested in the program are thoroughly screened by the village’s Animal Control Officer. Through an interview process, the Animal Control Officer will discuss owners’ concerns and learn more about the dog’s living situation and behavior. The officer will typically recommend owners consult their veterinarian and/or attend training with their dog before a collar may be considered for use.    

The collars are not issued arbitrarily nor are they mandated for residents inquiring about the program. Collars are not loaned out to control normal barking behavior (i.e. someone approaching home/yard, other animals etc.) but are instead offered as one option for residents who may feel their dog barks excessively.

There are two large collars and two small collars available so there may be a waiting period.  If you are interested in borrowing a bark collar for your dog or would like more information on the program please email Animal Control Officer Deborah Diamond  or call 847.348.7251. 
Village Barking Ordinance
The village’s Excessive Barking Ordinance: "To permit any dog, cat, or other animal to how, yelp, whine or meow, bark or make noise in such a manner as to disturb any person or neighborhood." This ordinance violation has a fine of $50 for each occurrence. Please be considerate to your neighbors and bring the dog inside if it barks excessively.
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